Samuel Zeller

On 28th November 1860, Samuel Zeller (born 9th April 1834 in Beuggen, Germany) joined the work in Männedorf as an assistant. He visited Männedorf for the first time in 1857, being sick in body and soul, and experienced how God healed his heart and then also his body. Under his leadership, the work continued to grow. Amongst other things, he had to organise suitable accommodation for the emotionally disturbed and mentally ill patients, and the prayer room had to be expanded.


From the beginning, the ministery of prayerfully laying on of hands has influenced us the most. The Word of God has remained our central focus. It was never our Intention to boast, nor force anything, but rather allow the Lord have His way, in whatever manner he wanted.

It was all about the confession:«The Word of the Lord is true, and what He has promised, He will finish»

And today

The home today opens its' doors to everyone. Our experience is that proclaiming the Word, along with pastoral counselling and prayer does people good and builds them up. It has also become possible for us tu fulfil the social resonsibility of providing special jobs and housing.

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